The QEEG measures brain waves in specific sites in the brain and creates a detailed map of this activity.
Training sessions are conducted using audio and or visual tools to improve brain function.
Neurofeedback at DSP Associates
There are a number of steps that our neurotherapy clients can expect.

1) Intake and Evaluation.
Patients interested in Neurofeedback Training (NFT) meet with the Therapist and are asked to complete the Evaluation and Checklist forms.

2) Brain Mapping.
When NFT has been determined as the appropriate treatment for the patient, a brain map or QEEG will be generated. During this process, a technician will place a specially constructed cap containing a series of precisely located sensors over the patient's scalp in order collect detailed information about the neural activity in the brain. This is done in a relaxed setting and is painless and non-invasive. In fact, the patient is only asked to sit quietly during the brain mapping study and measurements are taken both with the eyes open and closed.

3) Review of Mapping Study:
The results of the brain mapping study (QEEG) are evaluated by the therapist and specific results and findings are discussed with the patient. If recommended by the therapist, the patient begins the next part of the NFT process.

4) Neurofeedback.
Based on the results of the QEEG mapping study, an individual neurotraining protocol will be developed for the client. Training utilizes sensors that measure the specific areas of the brain identified by the QEEG and uses specialized computer software that allows the patient to learn to improve neural activity in that area of the brain. Proficiency of this effect requires practice, but many find the process rewarding and enjoyable. The duration of each training session is typically 30 minutes while the number and frequency of the sessions are determined by the nature of the difficulty being treated and the results of subsequent brain mapping studies.

5) Follow Up.
In general, a counseling review will be conducted by the therapist following 15-30 training sessions in order to measure the efficacy of the NFT, to determine the need for further sessions and to advise on the nature of future treatments.

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